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Japanese Tea

Commission a Personalized Blend

You are about to commission a tea, made solely for you. 

After a half-hour personal communication via zoom to discuss and feel out your desires in a tea, whether that be aimed toward a flavor, an energetic pursuit or both, I'll begin my end of the journey.

I then delve into fairly extensive research, then the sourcing of the exact plants to suit you. Next I get to blending as both an energetic healer and a connoisseur of flavor, over hours or sometimes days. 

Finally, your tea is packaged and sent to you with an explanation of each choice made for you and your tea. 

If you choose to have a tea consultation and a subscription in one, you will receive three packages instead of one, to keep you supplied with your magical medley for three months - a good amount of time for herbal wisdom to help you pursue the energetic state you desire.

tea consultations

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Tea Consultations are
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