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anna alexander

Who is making your teas? It's me: a country girl in the city, who listens when the plants whisper to her. 


In blending and creating new recipes, I pull from chemistry, traditional medicine practices, 20 years of reiki practice, herbalism internships, and a really beautiful relationship with our plant friends. Plus whatever these taste buds holler at me ...and I pull from you! The recipes are invented in the evenings after much meditation, research and tweaking, and then mixed with a serious joy factor.

Here are a couple of factors I keep in my heart:

Accessibility is really important to me! Just because we live in a capitalistic society doesn't mean we can't look out for each other. If you think one of my teas could really help you and you can't afford it, please reach out to me and we'll make something work!

I really value minimizing the amount of trash we put into the world, so I do my best to work with all the recycled and recyclable materials I can. Currently the tea bags are completely recyclable (remember to put your teas in a jar for that reason!) and made from recycled materials, and the shipping materials are all recycled and recyclable!

I also think it's really important to avoid pesticides in our foods and so I source organic products whenever possible, and try to ensure that herbs which are not labelled organic (for example wild crafted plants that can't qualify for organic labelling) weren't exposed to pesticides. These teas were meant to nourish you, nourish your soul, your body, your everything. And I do my best to bring you the best! We are all one big, beautiful community and we are all worth it!

Right now, Folk Tea is a joy project, so in my "off time" I also work as an adjunct professor teaching English as a foreign language at Chemeketa Community College, and do occasional freelance design work. Feel free to check them out: 

  • Chemeketa Community College
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