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Indulge in a new tea every month! Not only does the tea subscription include your single-batch, hand-blended tisane chosen especially for that moment - in tune with the seasons and earth's movement, but every package also included an organic cotton tea-steeping bag, a write-up of the herbs in the tisane and their traditional uses, and a tea tasting sheet with tasting notes to guide you through your experience with plenty of room for your own notes!


You can treat-yo-self (or another rad human) with a tea-of-the-month tea subscription for a season (3 months), a half a swing around the sun (6 months), or a whole dance around the sun (12 months). 


Your subscription is charged monthly ($15 for the month, plus shipping - $4-$6 depending on where you live!). 


Choose from 3 different tea subscriptions:

  • A Season of Tea - 3 months
  • A Semi-Revolution of Tea - 6 months
  • A Solar Revolution of Tea - 12 months


Don't forget to share any allergies you might have so I can avoid teas with those ingredients. 


***Remember: if you're buying for a friend, make sure to put their name and shipping address down in the shipping section!


More questions? No problem! 


A few more nitty-gritties:

- Your subscription begins the month you subscribe regardless of the time of the month, so you can jump on the bandwagon whenever you see a tea of the month that you'd like to try! (I usually post the tea of the month on instagram).  It will take a couple days to blend and package that tea and then it'll be off to you shortly!

- Once your subscription is up and rolling you should get a charge and delivery at the same time every month.

- Your package includes a completely unique folk tea blend, an organic, cotton tea bag, as well as a description of the tea, it's history, and a tasting break down where you can walk through the tasting yourself and take notes! 

Tea of the Month - Subscriptions

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Price Options
A Season of Tea
3 months of monthly tea shipments
$15.00every month for 3 months
A Semi-Revolution
6 months of monthly tea shipments!
$15.00every month for 6 months
A Solar Revolution
A year of monthly tea shipments
$15.00every month for 12 months