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3 giant 4" x 6" tea bags of sultry rose and cardamom set against that oh-so-soothing oatstraw bath. Dip your toes and get a full-body tea experience.  ...did I mention it's pink!?


How it works:


Set the scene. You’ve just bought yourself an experience, so do it right. Music, candles, a “kindly fork off” sign on the bathroom door. This is your time. Start the bath with just hot water, like you would a tea, and put the bag in immediately. Fill the bath at least a third of the way full with only hot water. Then, either wait, or cool it down until it’s just right for you. Once you’re in, squeeze the bag a bit to really infuse the water with your bath tea. Feel free to add extra bags for a more saturated experience. 


When you’ve reached the apex of your soaking pleasure, and decide to sidle out, compost what’s left of your soaking herbs and wash out the tea bags. They’re reusable and refills are available!

love soak

SKU: 0002
  • oatstraw, rose, hibiscus, cardamom, rose essential oil in jojoba