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folk tea events

I'm excited to be hosting the first Folk Tea event:

Blanket Fort Night!

New Year's Eve 2020 from 7:00 - 8:00 PM (PST) on Zoom

Read more about it below: 

Blanket Fort Night!

Join me for a night of blanket forts! We'll be Zooming in from our fabulous forts on New Year's Eve from 7-8 PM (PST) to toast away this crazy year with a steaming cup of tea (or... Hot Wet Kiss tea infused vodka?) or whatever tickles your fancy here:

I can't WAIT to see your forts!


A few days later, if you decide to no longer inhabit your radical fort, you can donate those blankets to our houseless neighbors! I'll be coming around (masked) on January 2nd to pick up those blanket-fort blankets, wash them, and hand them out to our neighbors on the streets, who need them!

If you're in the Portland/Forest Grove area and want me to pick up your blankets, email me with a location and time that you'll have them out, and I'll be by on January 2nd to collect them, wash them, and hand them out to folks!


Don't live locally but want to participate anyway!?

YES! Excellent! Please join us, donate to your local community, and stay safe out there! Thanks for playing and being Tea Folk! 

Big Love!

-Anna @ Folk Tea

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