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because we're tea folk


Folk Tea is a newly budding, one-woman tea shop!

I blend local, herbal teas and import folk drinks from a few special places around the world. I also offer tea consultations for folks who would like to have a personalized tea made for them, based on the energy they'd like to harness or address in themselves. 

That's really how Folk Tea started: with the desire to bring loved ones the healing care they needed through both the teas & tisanes themselves, and the communities that inevitably develop around them. It also came from a deep connection and love for the rich terroir of Oregon, my home; a hedonistic appreciation for really spectacular taste; and delight in the entrancing rituals of tea culture.

So now that you're here too, you are so incredibly welcomed here, to travel in cups of flowers and roots to the lush wilds of Oregon, to the tropical rain forests of Hawaii, to the mountains of the Mediterranean, and soon on the leaves of Camellia Sinensis to the Northern hills of what is arguably tea's birth place: Northern Myanmar. I invite you to continue to mindfully taste bits of our world with me as I continue to blend and brew. There's even a tea subscription with Folk Tea, so you can travel in your cup from home, every month!

So cheers to all you tea folk, to the magic of the world, and to the beauty of a warm cup between your hands.  





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